Harlingrad - Vaningrad City Outskirts


The ruling regime of Harlingrad for decades has held a brutal rule over its population with disappearances and corruption common place.

In the Autumn of 2018 small resistance groups opposed to the regime began a small scale guerrilla war against them.

The attacks began as random clashes with regime forces but soon escalated as western agencies began giving the resistance covert support.

In retaliation the regimes military forces (RDF: Republic Defence Forces) began rounding up and executing any they believed to be part of the resistance labelling them terrorists, more common then not the families were also taken.

In this effort the regime simply fanned the flame of resistance with small numbers of RDF personnel deserting the regime and joining the resistances cause.


The resistance pleaded to the UN to assists and a tentative cease fire was established for peace talks to take place.

The ceasefire was a ruse and the regime leadership ordered the city of Vaningrad, a resistance stronghold, raised to the ground.

The regime had no intention of negotiating with the rebels instead bombarding the city with all manner of heavy munitions.

Without warning over 40,000 civilians lost their lives.


Western governments quickly sought a resolution through the UN and began air operations to eliminate Harlingrads air forces which where swiftly eliminated.

The next step is to take control of the area surrounding Vaningrad and then the nearby regime airbase for use by coalition forces.


RDF (Republic Defence Forces)


  • Maintain security of the area
  • Eliminate resistance forces


Camo Allowed:

  • Green
  • DPM
  • Woodland Camo
  • Black


Radio Frequency:

164.200000 CTCSS: 203.5



UNSOG (UN-Special Operations Group)


  • Secure positions of tactical interest in area
  • Assist resistance forces


Camo Allowed:

  • MTP/Multicam
  • Desert Camo
  • Coyote
  • Civilian Clothes (Rebels)


Radio Frequency:

161.100000 CTCSS: 203.5



About The Event

This event is a 8 hour operation and will require you to be completely self dependant for this time. See the kit list to the right for a list of the bear minimum you should bring with you.

You will have to work as a team to complete objectives throughout the day and acquire points for your team.



  • 08:00 - Sign In/Chrono
  • 09:00 - Safety Brief
  • 09:30 - Move to insertion points and mission briefings
  • 10:00 - Game On
  • 18:00 - End Ex/Debrief


Being a MilSim event certain rules will be enforced to aid game play:

  • Ammo is limited to what you can carry but must be in a magazine in a pouch (you can't run around with a bergen full of mags.)
  • Medic rules will apply - these will be explained in detail at the morning brief.
  • Spawn points will be neutral areas and a 50m perimeter will be observed.
  • NO PLAYERS can leave the game area without notifying a marshal using the admin frequency (161.087500 CTCSS: 100) or in person.
  • Players will not eavesdrop on enemy comms they are to be considered encrypted.
  • Vehicles with a red cross in the windscreen are not to be shot these are safety vehicles not game vehicles.



Kit List

Items on this list must be brought as a minimum to be able to participate.


  • Daysack or backpack
  • Radio (Baofeng UV5-R Recommended)
  • Airsoft Weapon
  • Food and water (Min 2 litres)
  • Boots
  • Compass


Recommended but not required:

  • Airsoft grenades
  • Wet weather kit


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